Inspiration Page

Looking for Ideas?

Below you will find a variety of links to designers to suit any budget. Have a browse and if you find a fabric you like, just contact us so that we can source it and put together a lampshade for you. 

If you don't have time to browse, we can do the work for you. Simply use our '10 for 10' service where we send you 10 fabric samples that we think you might like for £10 - just go to our shop page and click on the ready-made category to purchase it and send us an e-mail to give us a guide on your budget and the colour/pattern you are looking for. 

Splashing Out

For those of you who are ready to spend a little more, have a look at these well-known designers. They are on the pricier side but you don't need much fabric to make a lampshades and don't forget, we only charge you for what we use! So rather than having to pay for the whole metre, we'll charge you according to the size of your lampshade. 

Olivia Old Blue (Peony & Sage)

Roses and Sweet Peas (Peony & Sage)

Clara Assorted Colours (Olive & Daisy)

Shoot Cranberry (Natasha Marshall)

Nancy Assorted Colours (Olive & Daisy)

Neisha Pink (Kate Forman)

Agnes Blue (Kate Forman)

Zip Apple (Natasha Marshall)

Anoushka Pink (Kate Forman)


These fabrics are generally between £20 and £40 per metre - not the cheapest but definitely justifiable! And we can always use any surplus material to make cushions to match!

Ducks (Sophie Allport)

Hearts (Sophie Allport)

Brita Cobalt (Ada & Ina)

Feathers (Ada & Ina)

Under £20 per metre

The following links take you to designers that will not break the bank but offer beautiful fabrics of excellent quality. Some of their collections are more expensive than others but if you're looking for a bargain, you're sure to find one here. 

Moorland Duckegg (Clarke & Clarke)

Delphine Rose (Clarke & Clarke)

Twinkle Denim (Prestigious Textiles)

Amelia Vintage (Prestigious Textiles)

Useful Websites

These websites are good for general interior design and stock all the above designers as well as many more. They also offer curtain and blind making services.